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FOIA Reading Room

Welcome to Rural Development’s (RD) Electronic Freedom of Information Act (eFOIA) Reading Room.  Rural Development’s FOIA Reading Room contains records from our agency that have been frequently requested through FOIA/Privacy Act requests and proactively disclosed due to public interest.  Please contact RD.FOIA@usda.gov for questions about Rural Development’s FOIA Program.

The Electronic FOIA Amendments (E-FOIA) signed into law in 1996 added a requirement that agencies establish electronic reading rooms. E-FOIA makes it possible for individuals to have electronic access to certain USDA information without making a formal FOIA request.

Rural Development maintains an electronic reading room only. Visit Ask USDA to frequently asked questions and to submit new questions regarding USDA programs.

Frequently Requested Records

Documents in this category include records that have been released, in full or with redactions or in response to three or more FOIA requests. It also includes other FOIA-processed documents which are likely to be of interest to the public. 

If you require an accessible version of FOIA documents, please contact the FOIA office by email at RD.FOIA@usda.gov.