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Nevada Clean Energy Fund Secures $156 Million Federal Solar for All Grant, Supported by USDA Rural Development

Teja Dusanapudi
Carson City
Release Date

CARSON CITY, Nev., April 22, 2024— The Nevada Clean Energy Fund (NCEF) today announced that the nonprofit was selected for a $156 million federal Solar for All grant, the application for which was supported by USDA Rural Development Nevada (USDA RD-NV). USDA RD-NV and USDA’s Rural Partners Network (RPN) have long partnered with NCEF to spread awareness of federal funding opportunities for renewable energy and energy efficiency for low-income and historically underserved communities.

“We’re proud to see the Nevada Clean Energy Fund’s ambition--to make solar energy accessible for the communities that need it the most--come to fruition,” said USDA RD-NV State Director Lucas Ingvoldstad. “As the lead agency for rural prosperity in Nevada, we look forward to collaborating with NCEF through RPN to ensure that rural and Tribal communities are centered and empowered in this historic next step towards Nevada’s sustainable future.”

The Nevada Solar for All program will allow for NCEF to deliver on its mission to provide funding for qualified clean energy projects and improve the standard of living by promoting more efficient and lower cost clean energy projects that create high-paying, long-term jobs throughout rural Nevada.

USDA RD-NV and RPN are eager to work with NCEF to help ensure the design and implementation of Solar for All is characterized by equitable access and meaningful involvement through RPN stakeholders collaborating to identify resources to help rural communities build the futures they envision.


Background: Rural Partners Network

USDA-RD is the lead agency in RPN, an alliance of federal agencies and commissions (including EPA), working directly with rural communities to expand rural prosperity through job creation, infrastructure development, and community improvement.

USDA RD-NV has in-state RPN staff dedicated as community liaisons in five selected Community Networks to provide technical assistance and connect resources and staff from across the Federal government to improve access to programs and advance local projects. These collaborations drive local efforts to enhance the economy and improve the quality of life for local households. Each Community Network is a distinct entity managed and led by local community members.

The five Community Networks are as follows:

  1. Southern Nevada: Nye and Esmeralda Counties
  2. Sierra Region: Lyon and Mineral Counties
  3. Moapa Valley: Clark County, North and Central Communities
  4. Southern Clark County: Clark County, Southeastern Communities
  5. Nevada 95-80 Regional Development: Humboldt and Pershing Counties