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North Dakota Broadband Leaders Tout Accomplishments

Samantha Evenson
Release Date

North Dakota broadband leaders today released a state broadband report highlighting substantial investments to make North Dakota number one in the country for providing high-speed fiber optic access.

“We have made it a priority to deploy a high-speed Internet network throughout the state,” said Jasper Schneider, Rural Utilities Service Acting Administrator. “As a result of these efforts, North Dakota is once again leading the way and has a plan for statewide coverage.”

Through the efforts of telecommunication providers, fiber optic cable has been installed to most homes and businesses in the state. This fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connection is desirable as it provides better services than other broadband technologies. It delivers the fastest Internet speeds and offers the ability to download large amounts of data instantly.

“DCN and its 15 owner telecommunications companies have put 40,000 miles of fiber optics in the ground to extend ultra-high-speed broadband capabilities to every corner of the state,” said Seth Arndorfer, Dakota Carrier Network CEO. “Our network is bringing gigabit-capable broadband services to hundreds of business locations.”

Broadband connectivity opens up the opportunity for businesses to compete globally, distance learning, remote health care consultations and for families to stay connected from anywhere. The report illustrates how the availability of FTTH is impacting our lives and directly benefitting North Dakota’s economy.

By partnering with local Internet providers, the USDA’s Rural Utilities Service has helped position North Dakota as the leading state in broadband coverage, speeds and FTTH access. For example, Polar Communications recently provided Arthur Companies, the first customer in the state, with gigabit Internet service, which is 100 times faster than the average speed in the U.S. today. In 2012, Dakota Central Communications Cooperative along with Dickey Rural Networks completed the largest, continuous 100% FTTH network in the U.S. It covers 10,000 square miles and reaches roughly 18,000 homes.

The broadband report was developed in cooperation with sponsors who include: USDA Rural Development, the North Dakota Association of Telecommunications Cooperatives, Dakota Carrier Network and local telecommunications companies that are making North Dakota a leader in Internet connectivity. To read the report, please visit http://www.ndbroadband.com.