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Trump Administration Appoints Brenda Iokepa-Moses to Serve as State Director for USDA Rural Development in Hawaii

David Rush
Release Date

The Trump Administration appointed Brenda Iokepa-Moses to serve as State Director for USDA Rural Development in Hawaii.

   As State Director, Iokepa-Moses will use her leadership experience to oversee Rural Development programs in a customer-focused manner to restore prosperity in rural Hawaii, American Samoa and the Western Pacific.

   “My objective as State Director of Hawaii is to maximize opportunities for improved quality of life for rural residents and communities and to ensure continued outstanding customer service is provided and Rural Housing, Business and Utility Service Programs are delivered to our customers,” according to Iokepa-Moses.

   Additionally she said USDA Rural Development Hawaii will, “work with more grass roots community organizations to empower them with the information and resources that are available to help get the word out about our amazing programs, and to be a passionate advocate with our state and local government officials on Rural Development’s position and the needs our of rural community.”

   Iokepa-Moses brings to Rural Development a history of hands-on work with farmers and ranchers in soil and water, horticultural practices and land lease and purchasing negotiations. Her planning and operations employment with owners of rural land in Hawaii has given her decades of experience in establishing common ground between farmers and property owners to benefit the future of agriculture.

   Since 2013, Iokepa-Moses served as President of the Hawaii Association of Conservation Districts. She led members in 16 districts across the state, assisting with public affairs and management. She also served on the Ka`u Soil and Water Conservation Board, was past president of Ka`u Farm Bureau, and volunteered for the service organization O Ka`u Kakou.

   She has more than 20 years of experience with the Army reserves, a paralegal degree, business courses at the University of Hawaii and courses in real estate, construction engineering and leadership development. She is married with three children.

   Iokepa-Moses began her new role on Sept. 30, 2019.