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USDA Announces Investment of $3 Million in Dexter Utility District for Critical Improvements

Emily Cannon
Fort Lauderdale
Release Date

Upgrades Support Wastewater Systems for 831 Households and 104 Businesses and Public Facilities

Acting Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Joel Baxley today announced that USDA is investing $192 million in 71 projects located across 29 states to improve rural water infrastructure. In Maine, the Dexter Utility District has been selected to receive over $3 million in loan and grant funds.

“President Trump and Agriculture Secretary Perdue were very clear when they directed Rural Development to identify and meet rural water needs as a foundational pillar in improving rural infrastructure,” Baxley said. “Safe and reliable water infrastructure is critical to the health, safety and economic vitality of rural America. Without access to safe water and functional wastewater treatment, sustainable growth in rural areas is not possible.”

USDA Rural Development State Director Timothy P. Hobbs said, “This important investment of $3 million in the Dexter Utility District will provide properly working wastewater infrastructure to the homeowners, businesses, and public facilities that rely on it. Investing in critical infrastructure supports business growth, job creation and retention, and contributes to rural prosperity for families who call these communities home.”

In Maine, the Dexter Utility District has been selected to receive a total of $3,045,000 through a Water and Waste Disposal Direct Loan in the amount of $1,950,000 and Water and Waste Disposal Grant in the amount of $1,095,000.

An inspection of the lagoon liners in 2018, revealed they had exceeded their service life and were in need of critical improvement. USDA Rural Development funds will assist with the upgrades, including removing sludge from the five lagoons, replacing the lagoon liner, upgrading irrigation pump station controls, and adding a grinder at the Liberty Street Pump Station. 831 households and 104 businesses and public facilities depend on this system for quality wastewater services.

USDA is making the $192 million investment through the Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant program. Rural communities, water districts and other eligible entities can use the funds for drinking water, stormwater drainage and waste disposal systems in rural communities with 10,000 or fewer residents.

USDA is announcing investments today in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

Congress appropriated $2.9 billion for USDA Water and Environmental Program loans and grants in fiscal year 2019. USDA will make additional funding announcements in coming weeks.

In the past five years, USDA Rural Development has invested over $190.4 million in helping Maine’s rural towns with water and wastewater infrastructure.

View the interactive RD Apply tool or contact Robert J. Nadeau, Community Programs Director at (207) 990-9121 or email him at robert.nadeau@usda.gov for application or eligibility information.

USDA Rural Development has Area Offices located in Presque Isle, Bangor, Lewiston, and Scarborough, as well as a State Office, located in Bangor. Rural Development staff work diligently to deliver the agency’s Housing, Business, and Community Programs, which are designed to improve the economic stability of rural communities, businesses, residents, and farmers, and improve the quality of life in rural Maine. Further information on rural programs is available at a local USDA Rural Development office or by visiting USDA Rural Development's web site at http://www.rd.usda.gov/me.