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USDA & Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation, and Technology Offer Broadband Grant Workshop March 12

Kelly K. Clark
Carson City
Release Date

USDA has a number of broadband programs that can pay for connections to get rural cities, counties, schools and health clinics connected to the Internet.

Come learn how your community can benefit, at a Broadband Grant and Loan Workshop March 12, 2019 from 1:30-4:30 at two sites:

  • Nevada State Libraries and Archives, 100 N. Stewart St., Room 110, Carson City

  • Grant Sawyer Building, 555 East Washington Ave. St., Room 1400, Las Vegas

A call-in phone line is also available:

North: 775.687.0999

South: 702.486.5260

Access Code: 70987# (for both locations)

Please pre-register online at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/usda-broadband-training-workshop-registration-57421463142 . The workshop is co-hosted by USDA Rural Development Rural Utilities Service, and the Nevada Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation, and Technology.

“As Agriculture Secretary Perdue has traveled the country, he has heard from rural Americans about the needs to modernize and build rural infrastructure, particularly broadband access,” said USDA Rural Development Nevada State Director Phil Cowee. “We need these technologies at work in rural Nevada to build business enterprise, for farmers using precision agriculture, for students to learn and to connect doctors to patients in remote rural areas.”

The workshop will cover:

  • Distance Learning Telemedicine grants, which provide health care and educational connections in rural area. This year has (2) additional considerations, Opioid ONLY and Science Technology Engineering and Math applications.

  • The Community Connect grant provides eligible small rural communities with insufficient broadband (10mgbps upload/1mgbps download) to purchase and install broadband equipment, establish a point of presence and support public access to the Internet for two years.

  • ReConnect e-connectivity pilot project- Telecommunications companies, Internet service providers and municipalities may apply for funding to connect rural areas that currently have insufficient broadband service (10 mgbps upload/1 mgbps/download speed). $200 million in grants, as well as $200 million for loan and grant combinations, and $200 million for low-interest loans is available through this program.

For more information contact Kelly Clark at Kelly.clark2@nv.usda.gov or by phone at (775) 887-1222 Ext. 4768.