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USDA Unveils Resource Guide to Help Rural Colleges and Universities Identify Resources to Improve Facilities and Educational Opportunities for Students

Brent Wucher
Amherst, MA
Release Date

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Under Secretary Xochitl Torres Small today announced USDA is launching a resource guide to help colleges and universities in rural areas find low-interest loans and grants to build or improve their facilities, infrastructure, equipment and educational programs.

The resource guide outlines loan and grant programs that are available to eligible colleges and universities. These programs can be used to advance community and economic development through three USDA Rural Development program areas:

  • Community Programs
  • Rural Business-Cooperative Service Programs
  • Rural Utilities Service Programs

Some examples of how these programs can be used are to:

  • Help finance distance learning technologies to assist students access remote learning opportunities.
  • Help students and teachers access high-speed internet.
  • Help universities and colleges make improvements to their campus and facilities.

For additional resources, forms and program information, visit https://rd.usda.gov/.

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