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Funding Available for Infrastructure Planning

Jay Fletcher
Washington, D.C.
Release Date

WASHINGTON, March 12, 2020 – U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development Bette Brand today announced that USDA is accepting Fiscal Year 2020 applications for grants to create revolving loan funds to build and improve water and wastewater disposal systems in rural areas.

  USDA is making grants available through the Revolving Funds for Financing Water and Wastewater Projects Program. This program helps eligible nonprofit organizations create loans to finance predevelopment costs for water or wastewater projects. Funds may be used to finance short-term and small capital projects that are not part of regular operation and maintenance costs for water and wastewater systems.

   Applicants may finance loans for up to $100,000 with a loan term exceeding no more than 10 years. Rates are determined based on scoring criteria. Applicants may request technical assistance or other application guidance from the agency prior to June 12, 2020

  Electronic applications must be submitted to grants.gov by midnight Eastern Time on June 12, 2020. Paper applications must be postmarked and mailed to U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Service, Water and Environmental Programs, STOP 1570, Room 2233-S, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20250-1570 by June 12, 2020. Additional information is available on grants.gov.

   USDA encourages applications that will support recommendations made in the Report to the President of the United States from the Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity (PDF, 5.4 MB) to help improve the quality of life in rural America. Applicants are encouraged to consider projects that provide measurable results in helping rural communities build robust and sustainable economies through strategic investments in infrastructure, partnerships and innovation. Key strategies include:

  • Achieving e-Connectivity for Rural America
  • Developing the Rural Economy
  • Harnessing Technological Innovation
  • Supporting a Rural Workforce
  • Improving Quality of Life