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USDA Seeks Nonprofit & Tribal Intermediaries to Administer Household Water Well Grant Program

Kelly Clark
Carson City
Release Date

$5 Million Available Nationwide to Establish Revolving Loan Funds for Rural Improvements

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development Bette Brand this week announced that USDA is accepting applications through May 31, 2020, for nonprofit intermediaries to establish revolving loan programs to increase access to clean, reliable water for rural households.

USDA is making $5 million in grant funds available nationwide for the Household Water Well System Grants program. These grants help nonprofits and tribes in rural areas of 50,000 or less create revolving loan funds to construct, refurbish, or service household water well systems. USDA does not provide funding directly to individuals under this program. A 10 percent grant match is required, which can be provided by the applicant or a third party. Grant funds may be used to pay administrative expenses.

The HWWS Grant Program has been established to help individuals with low to moderate incomes finance the costs of household water wells that they own or will own. Individuals may use loans from the revolving loan fund to construct, refurbish, rehabilitate, or replace household water well systems up to the point of entry of a home. Point of entry for the well system is the junction where the water enters into a home water delivery system after being pumped from a well.

Terms for the loans to households include a one percent fixed interest rate, 20-year maximum term, and an $11,000 maximum loan per household.

Applications must be submitted to grants.gov or mailed to U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Service, Water and Environmental Programs, STOP 1570, Room 2233-S, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20250-1570 by May 31, 2020. Additional information is available on grants.gov.  An application packet is available online at https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/search-grants.html?keywords=Household%20Well%20Systems%20Grant

For more information contact Derek Jones at 202-720-9640.

USDA Rural Development provides loans and grants to help expand economic opportunities and create jobs in rural areas. With a portfolio of $228 billion, this agency's assistance supports infrastructure improvements; business development; homeownership; community services such as schools, public safety and health care; and high-speed internet access in rural areas. For more information, visit www.rd.usda.gov/nv.