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Partners in Cooperative Development

The 2014 Farm Bill recognized the economic development and wealth-building opportunities of cooperatives by requiring that Federal agencies and cooperative organizations foster and coordinate on cooperative development. Federal partners include agencies with jurisdiction over cooperatives and with programs that cooperative businesses can use. The Agriculture Department, the Internal Revenue Service, the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division, the Labor Department, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development are all agencies with direct jurisdiction over cooperatives. The Small Business Administration is required under the Main Street Employee Ownership Act to enter agreements with Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) to conduct training and provide information and resources on employee ownership through cooperatives. Other agencies have programs, information, and/or tools that cooperatives can access depending on the cooperative’s business. States and private sector cooperative organizations are also partners and are encouraged to be active participants in the Interagency Working Group. If your organization is not included here, please contact us at CoopInfo@usda.gov .

Tribal Partners

Minnesota Indigenous Business Alliance

The Minnesota Indigenous Business Alliance assists with Native American entrepreneurial and small-business growth development.

National Indian Law Library (NILL)

NILL maintains Federal Indian and tribal law including Tribal cooperative law, and assists people with their Indian law research needs.

Native American Rights Fund (NARF)

NARF protects Native American rights and resources through legal advocacy.