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Patricia Dominguez

Patricia Dominguez

State Director for New Mexico

Patricia Dominguez has worked with rural communities for many years to advance policies and initiatives that will help them flourish. She grew up in a rural community and after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Mexico, she worked for various state and county government agencies. Patricia has served on the congressional staff for US Senators Jeff Bingaman and Martin Heinrich for the last thirteen years. Her congressional service in Senator Heinrich’s office has been especially meaningful because her geographic region of coverage included rural northern New Mexico where she was raised. Her firsthand experience living in a rural community helps her understand the challenges facing rural America and also the resources that will be needed to build capacity in these areas. Patricia has experience building networks and implementing successful strategies that help rural communities develop scale appropriate ventures that will thrive and have the best chance at success. Patricia has a deep appreciation for New Mexico and will continue to be an advocate for rural communities and strive to improve quality of life and opportunities in underserved areas.