Civil Rights Contacts

To file an EEO complaint, visit our online Equal Opportunity eFile Module.

USDA Rural Development  
Office of Civil Rights  
1400 Independence Ave., S.W.  
Room 1341-S; STOP 0703  
Washington, DC 20250-0703  
Toll Free: (800) 787-8821; Fax: (202) 692-0279  
Office of the Director    
Angilla Denton Director 202-692-4109
Angela Addo Administrative Management Specialist 202-692-0252
Angie Vandell Program Analyst 202-306-3798
Kimberly Bush Special Projects Specialist 202-692-0092
Equal Employment Opportunity Branch  
Cheryl Harris Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist 202-720-1133
Kavin D. Johnson Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist 202-692-0279
Program Compliance Branch  
Sharese C. Paylor Program Compliance Branch Chief 202-692-0097
Bertina Adams Administrative Management Specialist 202-692-0096
Nathaniel Hawkins Administrative Management Specialist 202-692-0357
Cathy Beales Equal Opportunity Specialist 318-584-5728
Craig Stroman Equal Opportunity Specialist 302-358-4244
Darren Kaihlanen Equal Opportunity Specialist 405-446-2619
Derrin Jourdan Equal Opportunity Specialist 530-204-7314
Pauline Price Equal Opportunity Specialist 202-692-0359
Robert Harris Equal Opportunity Specialist 202-720-0834
Terri Sneed Equal Opportunity Specialist 202-642-0665
Tonja Jackson Equal Opportunity Specialist 202-692-0102