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An acronym is an abbreviation consisting of the first letters of each word in the name of something. Below is a table listing acronyms found on the rd.usda.gov website and others commonly used. Use the following search tool to find a specific acronym and it's definition.

Acronym Term Name & Description
Acronym:FO Term Name & Description:Finance Office Term Name & Description:

The Finance Office has management and oversight responsibility for all RD’s administrative and program related budget activities including budget formulation and analysis, credit monitoring and policy and compliance operations.

Acronym:FOA Term Name & Description:Funding Opportunity Announcement
Acronym:FOIA Term Name & Description:Freedom of Information Act Term Name & Description:

A process that allows members of the public to search publicly available documents

Acronym:HBIIP Term Name & Description:Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program
Acronym:HPG Term Name & Description:Housing Preservation Grants
Acronym:HR Term Name & Description:Human Resources Office Term Name & Description:

HR collaborates with all entities to develop and execute workforce strategies and determine the human capital management initiatives that ensure a high performing, diverse, and result focused workforce. HR also provides training, leadership and professional career development programs to develop the workforce from within and increase retention of high performing individuals.

Acronym:IC Term Name & Description:Innovation Center Term Name & Description:

A center within Rural Development that works to improve economic and community development for rural communities through strategic engagement and partnerships, data analytics and regulation management

Acronym:ICB Term Name & Description:Internal Communications Branch
Acronym:IRP Term Name & Description:Intermediary Relending Program
Acronym:MFH Term Name & Description:Multi-Family Housing
Acronym:MoC Term Name & Description:Member of Congress
Acronym:NFAOC Term Name & Description:National Finance and Accounting Operations Center Term Name & Description:

This is now called the "Servicing and Asset Management Office” - but they prefer on second reference: “Servicing Office.”

Acronym:NOFA Term Name & Description:Notice of Funding Availability
Acronym:NOFO Term Name & Description:Notice of Funding Opportunity
Acronym:NOSA Term Name & Description:Notice of Solicitations of Applications
Acronym:OBPA Term Name & Description:Office of Budget and Procurement Analysis
Acronym:OC Term Name & Description:Office of Communications
Acronym:OCIO Term Name & Description:Office of the Chief Information Officer Term Name & Description:

The lead technology manager of the agency.

Acronym:OCR Term Name & Description:Office of Congressional Relations
Acronym:OEA Term Name & Description:Office of External Affairs
Acronym:OES Term Name & Description:Office of the Executive Secretary
Acronym:OGC Term Name & Description:Office of General Counsel
Acronym:OMB Term Name & Description:Office of Management and Budget
Acronym:OSEC Term Name & Description:Office of the Secretary
Acronym:PIC Term Name & Description:Public Information Coordinator Term Name & Description:

A former term used for the PIO, but still used interchangeably. The term itself is deprecated.