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Thomas Carew

Thomas Carew

State Director for Kentucky

Prior to joining USDA, Dr. Thomas Carew served as the Executive Vice President of Membership and Advocacy for Fahe in Central Appalachia. While at Fahe, Tom was the principal author of the 502 Direct Packaging Demonstration with USDA. Through his leadership, Fahe’s membership grew from 44, to include more than 55, affordable housing nonprofits. Tom helped lead the expansion of Fahe housing programs into Alabama and Maryland. Tom was the founding Executive Director of Frontier Housing, a non-profit, affordable housing developer based in Morehead, KY. He is also the recipient of the Dorothy Williams Lifetime Achievement Award from the Kentucky Housing Corporation – the highest award given in the Commonwealth for non-profit housing producers. In 2010, Carew received the Cochran Collings award from the Housing Assistance Council for service to Rural America.