USDA and Partners Celebrate Clean Water and Groundwater Protection

Kelly Clark
Release Date
Apr 24, 2015

USDA Rural Development Nevada celebrated Earth Day two days early with its regional water partners in Dayton, honoring Lyon County's commitment to the environment as work begins there to remove 491 septic tanks, replacing them with a waste water collection system.

 “We commend Lyon County for planning ahead and fixing a problem before it became an emergency," said Sarah Adler, Nevada Director for USDA Rural Development.  "This project will protect groundwater while providing clean drinking water that is vital to human health."

 Homes in the subdivisions are currently using separate septic systems. Increased nitrate concentrations in the area’s public drinking water production and some private wells were reported in 2008-2009. Historical water quality data has confirmed that nitrate concentrations have been increasing toward the maximum level allowed by the State of Nevada Bureau of Safe Drinking Water Regulations.

 Excessive nitrates in drinking water can adversely affect children’s health, sometimes causing “blue baby syndrome,” a condition in which infants are unable to absorb oxygen.