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Unicom AU Aleutian ReConnect project

Unicom AU Aleutian ReConnect

Unicom, Inc. proposes to construct the AU Aleutian Project in Alaska.  The proposed project consists of an approximately 793-mile-long submarine fiber to bring internet service to six remote Alaska Native villages.

Environmental Assessment - July 2021

Notice of Availability - July 23, 2021

FONSI - September 8, 2021

FONSI NOA - September 9, 2021

EA Appendices A-J 

Appendix A - Figures

Appendix B - USACE Correspondence and Nationwide Permit Application 

Appendix C - Alaska DEC DWPA

Appendix D - IPaC AU Aleutian

Appendix E - EFHA AUAleutian

Appendix F - Biological Assessments

Appendix G - SHPO Correspondence and Section106

Appendix H - Environmental J Screens

Appendix I - USACE FUDS

Appendix J - Agency Comms